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About the program

Covered Families and Children Medicaid is a federal and state financed grant-in-aid program and is offered to the residents of Muskingum County through the Department of Jobs and Family Services. The program is intended to provide medical coverage for low-income families and pregnant women. Individuals who are receiving Ohio Works First (OWF) are automatically covered under this program. Families or individuals who become ineligible for OWF may continue to be eligible for Covered Families and Children Medicaid if they meet certain eligibility criteria. This category of Medicaid is a key component to self sufficiency because it provides continued medical insurance while allowing individuals to develop careers and pursue employment. The availability of coverage helps fill the gap for up to 12 months for families who have members who have gained employment, but are in need of medical insurance.

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Contact Information

  • For more information please contact the Muskingum County Job and Family Services Call Center
    Call (740) 454-0161
    (800) 242-0029
  • Apply today by phone:
    Call (844) 640-6446
  • If you wish to apply for benefits you may complete an online application. This application is good for Medicaid, Ohio Works First, and the Food Assistance Program. Once you have completed filling out the application; follow the instructions to submit the application and it will be sent electronically to our office for processing.

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Muskingum County Job and Family Services supervises the county's public assistance, employment services, child care, and child support programs.