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The Medicaid Program for the aged, blind and disabled is designed to provide coverage for the low income citizens of Muskingum County who are aged (65 years and over), blind or disabled. To qualify for the disability criteria for Medicaid, the impairment must be expected to last longer than twelve months as determined by the County Medical Services Section of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services or by the Social Security Administration. Other factors of eligibility for Medicaid are residency in the State of Ohio, income guidelines, resources, and a valid application at social security.

The agency Medicaid representative will assist our customers and medical providers to resolve any billing issues involving third party insurance. Counseling is provided to persons dually eligible for Medicare as well as Medicaid for crossover coverage.

The State of Ohio will pay Medicare premiums for individuals who meet the guidelines of eligibility through the Medicaid Program. Counseling is also provided for individuals who have incurred hospital or medical expenses prior to contacting the agency for assistance. Many times those expenses may be used to meet eligibility requirements for a 90 day retro-active eligibility period. We value our elderly and disabled population in Muskingum County. If you or someone you know falls into the category previously described and is in need of health care, please contact Muskingum County Job and Family Services.

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