Child Support

Due to the current pandemic the Muskingum County Job and Family Services Child Support Division’s drive thru and lobby is temporally closed. Payments can still be made by phone (740) 455-7146 Option 3. Checks and Money Orders are accepted if payable to OCSPC and mailed to PO Box 182372 Columbus, OH 43218. In addition, any documents can be mailed to 1830 East Pike PO Box 9 Zanesville, Ohio 43701. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Our agency works toward the goal of establishment of paternity, establishment and enforcement of child support orders and medical orders for the children of our community.

Child Support Payment Options

Obligors have the following payment options:

Payments can be made at our agency via our inside payment window or outside drive up window.
Hours : Monday - Friday / 7:30AM - 4:30PM
Location : 1830 E Pike, Zanesville, OH 43701
We accept : Cash, Debit Card, VISA, MasterCard & Discover Payments

Credit and Debit Card Payments can be made by calling our payment hotline.
Phone Number : (740) 455-7146 Option 3
Hours : Monday - Friday / 7:30AM - 4:30PM
We accept : VISA, MasterCard & Discover

Payments can be made online using Obligors who wish to use this payment method should access the ExpertPay website at and register as a user.


Payments can be mailed to the Ohio Child Support Payment Central at the following address:
P.O. Box 182372
Columbus, OH 43218
We accept : Checks & Money Orders payable to OCSPC
Please note : Print your SETS case number and your court case number on your payment so that your account can be properly credited and payment processing can be expedited.

Credit Card payments can be made on line at This option is currently available only for MasterCard cardholders. Obligors using this payment method are subject to a fee of $11.75 per each transaction in addition to the 2% processing charge. Additional information regarding this program can be found at


Payments can be made online using Obligors & employers who wish to use this payment method should access the website.


Customer Service

Customer Service provides helpful, friendly service to custodial parents, absent parents, employers and various organizations in the community.

Our call center can offer assistance for the following requests:

  • Address change
  • Employment change
  • Payment history
  • Income verification
Call (740) 455-7146 Option 4

You now have instant access to your child support case information. Customers can log in to the Child Support Customer Service portal from the Office of Child Support (OCS) internet home page or the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) internet home page.

 OCS Website  JFS Website

Paternity Services

The agency administratively establishes the paternity of children through a genetic testing process. This service is available to both mothers and putative fathers alike. Local, state and federal location techniques are utilized to locate putative absent parents when necessary. Following paternity establishment, upon request, the case may be forwarded to an administrative hearing officer to establish a child support order.

How can I apply for Paternity and Child Support Order Establishment?

Download and complete document JFS 7076

 JFS 7076

Support Order Establishment Services

The agency provides child support order establishment services, both through local court proceedings, and via administrative process. The agency has three staff attorneys who pursue orders through the court system. In administrative actions, administrative hearing officers conduct hearings to establish child support orders incident to paternity establishments. Parties have the right to appeal decisions in the Muskingum County Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Division, if they disagree with the administrative findings.

How can I apply for Paternity and Child Support Order Establishment?

Download and complete document JFS 7076

 JFS 7076

Enforcement Services

The agency provides enforcement services to ensure the payment of child support, cash medical support and alimony orders. These orders are enforced through the local court system. Staff attorneys initiate and pursue these actions on behalf of the State of Ohio and do not represent either the payor or payee. In addition, orders are enforced via administrative remedies, including, but not limited to, income and bank account withholdings, state and federal tax refund intercepts, unclaimed funds intercepts, casino & racino intercepts, liens, and probate and personal injury proceeds. The agency utilizes local, state and federal location tools to locate absent parents in pursuit of its goals.


Modifications, or Review and Adjustments as they are formally called, are administrative actions wherein a child support order may be increased or decreased upon the findings of a modification case manager. There is no formal hearing in this process. Instead, payors and payees are asked to provide documentation regarding their current income and other matters pertaining to a child support order. If it has been less than three years since the last support order, a party must have an administratively defined reason to request a review, such as an increase or decrease in income for a specified period of time. Every three years, an order may be reviewed without an administratively defined reason. If a case is a public assistance related case, it will be reviewed automatically every three years. Modification decisions may be reviewed via additional administrative action and by local court action.

How can I apply for a Review and Adjustment of a Child Support Order?

Download and complete document JFS 01849

 JFS 01849


Job and Family Services supervises the state's public assistance, employment services, unemployment insurance, child and adult protective services, adoption, child care, and child support programs.