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Human Services

Providing temporary assistance to individual and families
through a period of transition.

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Child Support

Working together to provide financial security
for the children of our community

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Ohio Means Jobs

Offering the tools and resources to connect
Job-Seekers and Employers

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Human Services

Providing services such as temporary cash assistance, food assistance, medical assistance, subsidized child care to families transitioning to self sufficiency as well as services to individuals and families.

Child Support

Working to establish paternity through the legal process, establishment and enforcement of child support orders and medical orders for the children of our community.

Ohio Means Jobs

Helping match job seekers and employers in Muskingum County along with providing specialized employment assistance to veterans and youth.

Human Resources

Providing assistance to the residents of Muskingum County.


Fraud Prevention & Benefit Recovery

Please contact an investigator when you suspect someone is abusing the use of public assistance.


Our team of investigators will follow up on all filed claims. We encourage the public to report any suspected abuse of public assistance which can include the following unreported situations:

  • Employment
  • Living Arrangments
  • Recipients of Social Security, Unemployment, Workers Comp
  • Insurance Settlements
  • Ownership of real estate, rental properties, vehicles, campers, boats, etc.
  • Absent parents living in the home
  • Children leaving home

The Benefit Recovery unit is responsible for the following functions:

  • The calculation and collection of public assistance payments issued in error.
  • Investigations and suspected fraud.

Please contact an investigator when you suspect someone is abusing the use of public assistance.

When making a report please be as detailed as possible with names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates.  You do not have to give your name when reporting. If you do give your name we will NOT reveal our source of information to the persons under investigation.

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Muskingum County Job and Family Services supervises the county's public assistance, employment services, child care, and child support programs.